Las Vegas in Spanish means the meadows. You would be hard pressed to find meadows in Las Vegas. It has a population of 634,000+/-, with people moving to the city every day. Most are looking for hotel jobs which translates to mean maids and workers who maintain the equipment and the lush grounds. There is also a professional class but they are in office buildings in and around Las Vegas. I was suprised at how clean the city is. Usually there is a lot of trash associated with a large transient population (tourist), but I did not find that here. Everything is in good working order. I did not see any pot holes or even run down buildings. Yes, there is a population of "bums" in and around Las Vegas. A lot of them have mental problems, but the police department keeps them in check. Also FYI. If you rent a car there, the vehicle will NOT have a license plate!! I did not know that. There are several states that do not require license plates on rental vehicles. But, you must keep your paper work from Hertz, Enterprise or whom ever with you. If in the event you are pulled over or in an accident you must have some paper work handy at that exact moment. Just something to know.

I don't normally like to go to tourist destinations such as Las Vegas. However, some friends of mine were going to attend a wedding of their son out there and so a bunch of us old people decided lets all go. We can attend the wedding and then whoop it up after it is over.

Did I gamble? Not really. I spend 2 dollars. One dollar on a slot machine and I made .16 cents. Then put a dollar on the roulette wheel, and lost. That was it, so total I lost $1.84 in Las Vegas. That is enough. Some of our group spent hours and hours at the slots. To tell you the truth. It is mostly an old persons hobby. It is very seditary and it does not suit me. Mostly I was out photographing somewhere including the Carroll Shelby Car Museum and Manufacturing Plant. That is out by the airport and that is where they build all those high powered mustangs you see wizzing by on the freeway. They have big windows you can look through and see them working on the cars that are shipped in direct from Ford. I have some photos on this. Also they have the Ken Miles #1 car (Ford GT 40, Mark 4), when he won the Le Mans with in 1964. If you saw the movie: Ford Vs. Ferrari you saw it. This was the car where all 3 Fords came across the finsh line at the same time.

You will notice the first two photos going from left to right are the same except for the fact that one is black an white and the other is color. I know people love color and will NOT consider black and white, but if you look close you can see much more detail and the image is sharper with black and white. I took the photo with the same camera, same lens same everything, but I hit a button on the Nikon to make the camera photograph in monochrome. That is it. I still say B&W is better but I always get boo's when I say that.

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The bottom photos are of Freemont Street which was the main drag way back when. Now it has all moved out to Las Vegas Blvd, where all the massive hotels are, but at one time Freemont Street was where the action was. In fact when I was there in 1965, Freemont Street was a two lane street with cars going back and forth. Not now. As you can see it it a tourist haven.

Click on each photograph to enlarge it for greater detail.