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This is Base Camp Terlingua. I loved it. No broken down trailers for me! I stayed in the AGAVE Adobe at the end of KEMP ROAD. It was quite comfortable. Two rooms with AC, running water, indoor plumbing and a nice gravel parking lot . There are two ADOBE's here. Mine is on the far right. The one on the left is a bigger ADOBE with 2 bed rooms. No TV, but I had a WiFi, and that is all I needed.

These are outside shots. You can see my "observatory" for my camera and pool chair. My plan was to spend the 4 nights observing and photographing the night sky. Unfortunately that did not happen. I picked the month of August, which you would think would be hot and dry? Well.... Not exactly. July and August is their rainy season!!! Who knew the desert has a rainy season? So, I had one night under the canopy of stars and it was beautiful, but after that it was raining or cloudy. boo hoo. I plan to go back in April of 2022. Yes, I have checked. Terlingua has only about a half inch of rain in April. In May they will have about 1.5", and they keep having more rain as the summer progresses. Now I know!!!

The interior of AGAVE. I like simple. Ok, it ain't the hotel RITZ, but who cares. If you want luxury go to Dallas. The two rooms were small but workable. The AC kept me cool and comfortable.

When I say I was out there, I mean out there. This is Kemp Road that takes you to AGAVE Adobe, where I was staying. On the map it looks like a paved road. Sorry, plus there are arroyos at the bottom of each hill. More on arroyos later. I still love this type of existence. You can have Las Vegas.