Terlingua is an unincorporated town, in Brewster County, Texas. The city government is located in Alpine, Texas, which is 80 miles to the north. Terlingua which is a rough translation of "three tongues" which may reference to: Spanish, English and German?

To fast forward to the present day, it is a place you go to live off the grid. It has a definite feel of: Live and let live. Based on my own observations there are problems with that culture. People move in with all their possessions and usually a run down trailer. They squat for a few years, then leave. The problem is, they leave their trash behind. There are bootles of old trailers and other trash laying out all over the mesa (desert floor). Terlingua is, well trashy. But not all of it is. There are some high end adobe homes that I assume are owned by wealthy people from Dallas who want to get away for the weekend?

If I had the money I would like to own about 10 acres and build a 3000 square foot adobe with a 3 car garage and set up shop. I could have my amateur radio antenna farm over there, and a rifle range over here. Then of course set up a professional astronomy observatory somewhere in the middle. In case you don't know, Terlingua, has some of the darkest skys in the United States. The closest town (Alpine), is 80 miles north. To the south you have the Rio Grande, and beyond that Mexico, where there is nothing. So, to the South the skys are as dark as they were before electricity was invented. But then reality hits. I was told by a rancher that 2 years ago one acre sold for $20,000.00. Now it is going for $40,000.00 Sorry, ain't going to happen.

However, they do have a school there from first to 12th grade. I have often though that it would be so great to teach in a school district like that. You would most probably have maybe 10 students or less in your classrooms. Wouldn't that be wonderful. Having taught in the Corpus Christi school district with a HS having 2000+ students, and classes with 20 people are unmanageable at times. Really hard to teach. There are always wacko's out there who will try and destroy everything. I suspect, that does not exist at the Terlingua school district?


That was a bit of a digression. You came to see photos. So, lets see what goodies we have today for all the boys and girls.

Please tell me what in the hell a boat is doing in the middle of the desert??? They say that the owner is calling it a "bed and breakfast". Sure, whatever you say. There is no AC, no heat, no running water, the toilet is behind the boat on the ground. The only person who would stay there is a fugitive from the law!!!

Here we have a nice fixer upper trailer. Naturally abandoned by it's previous owner when the rattlesnakes got bad. We will let it go for $500.00.