FINN SAILING: Support Staff

The first photo is Mr. John Holmgreen, who is a member of the Corpus Christi Yacht Club and provided his 22' center console boat so that I might photograph the entire event right on the water. Never mind that we were in 20mph wind with a 4' sea. Oh, BTW, my legs were soar for several days after that. It was like squatting 200 lbs. Knee joints also were bothering me. The boat was being pounded like you would not believe. That being said John is a skilled navigator and boat handler and was able maneuver his boat to my requsted positions.

Second photo is of Mr. Darrell Peck, of Oregon. He is the coach of this fine organization. He trailered down with his inflatable to help improve the skills of the sailors. Not only that he is a great guy. You should have the pleasure of meeting him. Really a great fellow.

All good things must come to and end. This is the last day and everyone is packing up and going home. In this case home can be: Miami, Denver, Oregon, or up and down the east coast. They come from all over to participate in this magnificent sailing event.

I never have myself in any photographs, but I have had request to see what I look like. Ok, so here it is. Don't be shocked, I am not Brad Pitt. hi.