*By definition POTPOURRI, means a mixture of dried petals and spices placed in a bowl. Or a mixture of things.

First photo is a sailboat that washed up on the side of the road during Hurricane Hanna, which was a Cat. 1 storm in late 2020. After a while there were homeless people sleeping in it until the city hauled it away. One would think that the owner would try and retreive it. The hull was in good shape but the mast had taken a beating. Even so, all was fixable.

Mr. Snake taken at Ross Allen's Snake Farm in Silver Springs, Florida about 1962. One of my earliest photos with that Ricoh 500, 35mm camera. I wish I had gotten it in better focus. I was in about the 8th grade and did not understand the concept of depth of field. It is what it is, but really it isn't bad for a 13 year old. When I go back to Florida, Ross Allen's Snake Farm is one of the places I plan to visit. I am going to try and repoduce this photo but with a Nikon D850.

Mr. Grouper is a very sociable fish at the Texas State Aquarium and I think likes to have his picture taken. You should go down and see for your self.

The fisherman photo is a study in contrast. Some may argue that it is under exposed (too dark), but I like it that way especially in referece to the afternoon sky in the background. A very common scene here in Corpus Christi.

REFLECTIONS: Taken in the setting sun, so you will notice the predominance of yellow light reflecting off the cement into the still water. Just a good photo. Taken with film. So don't think film is dead.

The car fire photo was a lucky shot. For me maybe, but the fellow who owned the car did not think of this situation as "luck". I was driving to Houston. Just north of Warton, Texas, I saw this car on fire that had just started. Naturally I had my camera with me. The owner was frantically pulling things out of the vehicle as it contiuned to burn. I had taken a number of photos before the fire truck showed up. In fact in this photo they were just laying out the hoses. If you notice, there is no water in the line. At first I was mad that this fireman had walked in front right as I snapped the picture. Later as I looked at the photograph, I realized that the fireman added to the drama of the moment. Yes, this was a serious occasion. I think what had happend was someone had been working on the engine and taken the fuel line off and when they put it back did NOT tighten it down properly. The fire started in the engine compartment so that is the only possible way that I can see this happening. It was definitely a fuel generated fire.

The truck photo was taken in a small town west of Corpus Christi. Just another lucky shot. Traveling around with my camera.

The fence and the hills was taken out in Vallejo, California on a side road running north to Fairfield. I love the depth of the shot. It has forground, mid ground and background, and this time I even had it in focus.

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