Second page of the same. I will only present a small segment of what there is to see and photograph down at PINS. It is a wonderful place if you like being in the outdoors. If not, don't go. You can't phone home.

Shell photos taken with a Nikon 60mm macro lens. Which means you can get real close to your subject and not have the camera go out of focus. Only macro lenses can do that.

Click on photos to enlarge.

The below photos maybe take a little more work? The first black and white below is the Devil's Elbow also seen in another section. This is where a lot of ships wrecked during big storms. There is also a lot of trash that washes up on the beach here. You should be able to see it in this photo. There is also part of a large sailboat, I would guess at one time it was a 40 footer?

The channel photo in the last photo (far right), is the mighty Mansfield Pass. There is some of the best fishing in Texas right there. Plus a Spanish Galleon wrecked there during a hurricane back in the 1700's and dumped Spanish gold all over the beach and pass. In 1957, when Texas dredge workers were digging the channel they hit the galleon with their dredge and it started spewing gold coins all over the dump site. Some workers were extremely happy that day. True story.