This series of photos look as if they were taken in a studio. Well no, not really. I just lucked out. Photographed at the Corpus Christi Botanical Gardens in natural light. They have a work bench in the back that has a black background. Perfect. When photographing you want the viewer to see the image and not be distracted by the background. So, I moved the pots over to this workbench, then photograph them and put them back. I am sure I would be arrested if the management found out, but if you won't tell, neither will I. Just look at the results. It is worth the risk.

Another thing for you photographic students. I am using medium format (larger film negative=larger image on print) here I am using my Hasselblad 503cw with bellows (for magnification) along with a Zeiss 135mm lens specifically designed for these bellows. Found the bellows system on Ebay for $900.00. I did not bid on it, I just bought it. You can't really find that combination now, especially for that price. For those of you who do not understand, we are talking about a medium format (larger negative than 35mm) film camera and bellows accessory for the non photographers. With a digital camera or 35mm film, you produce a much smaller image=less detail. Plus, I think I get a little bit better depth of field with medium format? Just my opinion, but I can tell you from personal experience that my Nikon D850, with a 60mm macro lens would NOT yield this level of depth of field (what is in focus vs. what is not in focus). For the Nikon the depth of field would be shallow. That is, only a pin point of the image would be in focus. Something to think about.