More of the same. I did not realize how many photos I have taken in black and white.

I am a Civil War reenactor, but have aged out of that one because Civil War battles are pretty taxing on your back. So I now drum for Santa Anna and his attack on those pesky Texans. It is a lot of fun. There are only 2 battles I attend. One in Goliad in March every year and the big battle near Houston, at San Jacinto. People from all over partipate. We can have 4 or 5 thousand people watching the battles. However, by 4 in the afternoon it is over and it is time to go home. Not so with Civil War battles.

At certain times of the year they do a lot of kite surfing near where I live, so I go out and photograph them. I am not the only photographer there, but I am the only one that gets in the water for close up shots. Yes, one time I almost got run over by one of them.

I go back to the 1960's photographing the sky. It was pretty primitive back then. Plus, we had to use black and white film. Color film was not that great back then, so black and white it was. I thought I would try a couple of photographs in black and white for old time sakes. It works quite well, especially with the moon. The moon is a high contrast object so black and white works well.

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