Page 2. I did not realize that I had so many photos of people. I don't think of myself as a people photographer, but as the years roll by I suppose I have collected quite a few faces and they deserve to be seen. Some of these individuals I have no contact with any more. Some are deceased. Yet they live in these photographs. That is why I am really adamant about trying to encourage people to photograph, using a "real" camera, not one of those I phones. Also, if you print your photos you or your survivors will have them 50 or 60 years from now. Not so much with digital storage. Computers get replaced, hard drives crash, etc. Photos stuck in a draw are always there. You are recording time. Ordinary time. Nothing special at that moment usually, but 25 years from now you will find these print photos and began to look back to the "good times". Something to think about.

First photo is of Kathy. She works at Pauls Barbershop, here in Corpus Christi, where I have been getting my hair cut for 45 years. Everytime I get a new lens I go in there and photograph. The camera really likes Kathy. Ok, ok, so some of these photos are not black and white.

Next two photos are of Paul, doing his thing. I like to photograph people working, not posing. In fact, I hate poses, they look so artificial.

Third row, is of my time at Southeastern La. University, in Hammond (1970-1974/socially promoted). First photo is of Barry Landry, in the dorm at Lee Hall. He is now a lawyer in La Place, Louisiana. Then there is our ROTC protest from about 1971, when General Westmorland came to visit. Chad was actually a friend of mine and we had had a number of pyschology classes together. Last photo is a close up of him. I don't know where he is today. His name is Chad Linsey. Does anyone know him?

Then there is the matter of Jake the Wonder Dog. He owns me. What else can I say.

Group photo of my 9th grade class back when I lived in Jacksonville, Florida. We were on spring break and took a school sponsored trip down in Florida to see all the tourist traps, etc. This was Bush Gardens, 1964. Taken with my Ricoh 500 camera. I still have that camera and recently had it reconditioned. I am going to start photographing with it again. Also, this photo shows the power of photography. Just an average photo of a high school field trip, but then 60 years later? Some of these people are dead, some are fat and bald. Some, if they saw this photo, it would bring a tear to their eye. You should aways photograph, but you must print. Digital photographs even though they are ubiquitous, do not last. Prints do.

Photo of Santa in Texas. Nowdays he drives a truck. Traded in his reindeer. It is a lot easier now rather than worrying about all that livestock on top of peoples roofs.

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