ALASKA (page 5)

From my prespective I do not know if you are getting tired of looking at page after page of Aurora. I never tire of it. I took about 500 shots or so while I was in Fairbanks. I was taking 3 second shots about every 20 seconds or so, when the Aurora is rolling. When it happens it happens fast and it is not always in the same section of the sky, so you have to be ready to move your camera (mounted on a tripod) from one angle to the next. Anyway, this will be the last page.

It looks like a river. Actually that is they way it moves across the sky and yes, you could read a newspaper on this one.

The image below looks like a hand way up in the sky. Who knows maybe it is?

More of the same. Maybe you are getting tired of these photos. At first they seem all alike but they are not. It is really a fireworks show from nature . You can't beat it. Yes, you could read a newspaper with this one also. BTW. This was about 40 miles outside of Fairbanks, at or about 2 in the morning. You are wide awake, no matter how tired you are. It is impossible to sleep while this is going on.

Last photo. Rocket ship to the moon. Well not exactly. The owners at Aurora Chasers keep up with the latest things happening at the University of Fairbanks, Atmospheric Research Department. In fact, they are leaders in the USA on atmospheric research. Our group leader knew they were going to launch a rocket from Poker Flats Missile Range .


We just did not know the exact time, however it did happen and here it is. My shutter was set for 3 seconds and should have been set for about 6 seconds on this exposure. The problem was, my fingers were so cold and numb, that I could not change the dials on my camera. So, it is what it is.

Ok. Finally the last photo. The pole dancers will be on page 6. Anyway, this is me. Taken by Aurora Chasers. They are photographers themselves, and while we were photographing they were helping us set up our camera, etc. However, once everyone settled in, they began taking photos themselve. Part of what they do as a treat to their customers it to take your photo with the aurora in the background. This is one of them. I was there for 4 nights total, so have a number of photos of me on the job. However, I want you to notice the gear that I have on. This is not a joke. You need that type of equipment to survive out there from about 10 at night to 3 or so in the morning. It is deathly cold. Yes, those are snow shoes which cost me about $250.00, then I have on snow pants, a down coat, and and clothes under neath all of that. If that is what it takes, then that is what I will do. Will hopefully go back around 2025 or 2026, during the high side of the sun spot cycle (every 11 years it peaks). When that happens you get increased flares from the sun (that is where aurora comes from) and the intensity will be even greater than what you have observed on these few pages. Life is wonderful. Don't let it pass you buy. Turn off that TV and go outside.