ALASKA(page 2)

Not all of my photos were of the Aurora. There were a ton of shots to be had just from the terrain. I wish I had taken my Hasselblad 503cw with me also for just such occasions, but I am limited by weight when I travel, and maybe more importantly, my back. I can't carry things like I used to. It is worth it just to travel to Alaska in the summer time to photograph. That way you don't have to drag around, snow boots, snow pants, and tons of clothing. However during the summer you won't see the Northern Lights. Oh, they are still there alright, but because Alaska is also called the "land of the midnight sun" you can have light (but not direct sun light) 24 hrs a day. The sun is below the horizon, but it is still daylight out side, not good for photographing Aurora. So, below you will see some shots of Fairbanks around my motel. I wanted to rent a car and drive around and photograph in the day time, but believe it or not, I could NOT rent a car when I was there!!! They were all taken. Problem with dealing with small towns. Maybe next time.

I had to take this photo, being a big mountain biker. However, on that day I was not riding my mountain bike, and neither was anyone else! This photo was taken specifically for Lynne Carbo, of Lake Charles.